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Molly Megan was the product of a gluttonous overindulgent culture. Born to white trash in a trailer part. Her father was a cheating user and her mother was a needy codependent whore who became a compulsive eater as a way to deal with the louse of a husband and the daughter she never wanted.

As the husband cheated, mother ate. When the baby cried, mother ate. When she was stressed out from a day with a whiny baby and he didn’t come home, mother ate. When he yelled at her for being so fat, mother ate.

As far back as Molly could remember mother was an enormous sack of blubber who was only happy when she lost herself in food.

Molly watched as her mother ate herself to over 400 pounds before her dad took off for good.

Meanwhile Molly herself had become morbidly obese just by being around her mother. She was quite the butterball when mom finally snapped out of it.

Once her dad had left Molly watched her mom struggle and fight to diet down to a respectable 250 and become attractive enough to lure another man.

Molly was confused and disappointed. This wasn’t the mother she had been accustomed too. This slutty mother was even less attentive than fat mom. There was no sharing of a pile of pizzas or tubs of ice cream. This mom hurried out the door in a tiny dress and didn’t return until morning.

Then a man came to stay with Molly and her mother.

Ed was handsome, but shifty. Not unlike the men mom usually hooked up with, but this one was here to stay.

Molly watched with secret glee as Ed turned out to be a feeder who prayed on mother's insecurities until she was once again a helpless compulsive eater.

He rewarded her with food, made her favorites available when she was stressed and increased her portions until her figure once again began to expand.

Molly was secretly happy to see her mother return to the blob she had come to associate with mom. The blob who was always there and not out slutting herself at bars. The mom who let her eat whatever she wanted.

Even more secretly Molly was happy to have Ed around.

By then Molly was coming into her own as a teenage girl and found herself having strange feelings bubble to the surface as she watched Ed feed mom package after package of hot dogs until she cried and begged him to stop. It was fascinating watching him play upon her compulsion with such glee and at the same time seeing mom unable to resist falling back into her old self no matter how much she tried.

But for Molly there was a feeling above and beyond the fascination of it all, an excitement that made her feel funny inside. She wanted more. More than just watching the steady transformation of her mom from the overweight slut she worked so hard to become to the blob she was meant to be.

Eventually molly became good at cracking their door after Ed dragged her off to bed and called her a fat worthless pig until she agreed to give him head. It was her first exposure to passion and affection.

Molly was obsessed with mom's constantly stuffed belly on permanent display since Ed took her shirts. The jiggling fat that wrapped around her sides, the taut pink skin, the wide, sore stretch marks. It was amazing what Ed could do with a few crates of food service slop.

The rest of what mom was becoming was just as amazing.

Her face grew fat and bloated, nearly unrecognizable. So many chins and such pudgy cheeks.

Her upper arms grew into wide, dimpled slabs of beef that hung over her elbows in sheets. They looked heavy and cumbersome.

Mother's belly was an enormous thick slab of blubber that forced her to sit with her fatty thighs spread so the flab could cascade between her legs, hanging lower and lower as Ed fattened her up to her former peak.

Somewhere over 350 as mother became more inclined to sit on the couch all day Ed picked an evening to spike her sugary sodas with vodka until she was incoherent and barely able to sit up. Ed brought over an old prison buddy who did his tattoos when he was inside and had him ink FAT PIG in big bold letters over and under her belly button. It was hard for mom to see past her chest and the ridge of her belly but Ed’s cackling laughter and taunting when she sobered up the next day let her know it was there.

All the while Molly looked on, intrigued.

And Ed knew Molly was watching.

“Having fun watching your mother grow into a useless whale?” He asked as she stared during a feeding session. “All she's good for anymore is eating. She's lucky I'm entertained by seeing her grow so disgustingly huge.”

While Molly was certainly less than average in the IQ department she certainly knew how mean spirited Ed was. Thing was this was what she associated with male attention and relationships. Just as she associated her mother figure as being a morbidly obese blob and became unsettled when she was anything else, she had been conditioned by watching her mother's eating compulsion be so thoroughly exploited to think that was how men and women interacted. It didn't help matters that she was "home schooled" and had no other frame of reference. And it really didn't help matters that she developed a crush on Ed, who despite some obvious grooming flaws was not too hard to look at.

Even worse was that Ed had not so pure thoughts of Molly since his first date with her mother and had been making sure Molly was barraged with all her favorite junk food ever since he moved in. Her already overstuffed physique inflated accordingly.

Molly gained different from her belly-heavy mother.

After developing at an early age weight gain and genetics continued their work. By 15 tubby Molly was a G cup.

Molly was balanced by a wide, round bottom as well. Under Ed's overfeeding she developed a belly, but remained hourglass in shape for the most part.

Ed watched with wide eyes as innocent, simple Molly outgrew her clothes and waddled her 5' frame around the house, bouncing her bra-busters as she did.

He started having her do chores like give mom a bath and became very touchy feely with her. It was not uncommon for him to firmly slap her wobbly ass or poke a swaying boob.

Molly loved the attention.

When she was eating he would frequently come up behind her and whisper things in her ear like:

“Keep eating, so you can grow round and soft like your mother.”

“You look so cute when you eat. You should do it all the time.”

“Another 50 pounds and my cute little piglet will graduate to sexy sow.”

Molly was conditioned to think nothing wrong about the interaction and actually loved the attention from her not so secret crush.

Molly's curiosity turned to jealousy as she watched Ed spend all his time force feeding her mother. And when she was able to peek through the door as Ed forced her to her knees for a pounding that sent her into gasping, whimpering orgasms she would close her eyes and imagine it was her as she rubbed herself.

Mother seemed oblivious to what was going on. Either indulging her eating compulsion to painful excess, recovering from the effects of such excess on her bloated, unhealthy body or just dealing with the strain of living a life as a woman on the brink of 400 pounds, mother was lucky to know what day of the week it was much less pick up on a growing romance between her daughter and her husband.

Mother and daughter continued to grow under Ed's reign.

Mother zoomed past her previous peak weight and rocketed toward 500. She stayed mobile, but was much more high maintenance. Ed made caring for her near quarter ton mother on Molly's list of chores.

Twice a day Molly rubbed mother's feet and calves that would swell up noticeable after she walked any distance. Her daily pill taking for her many issues that stemmed from being so morbidly obese was Molly's job as well. A daily sponge bath was also a must. All the many creases and crevices would get ripe and or rashy if a day was skipped.

Feeding also became Molly's responsibility. Ed could barely contain his arousal when he watched his step daughter feed her mother fattening slop.

Molly was not without issue either. Her short frame was pushing 300 out of shape pounds. She was pretty much always sweating. Her breasts hurt her back from their massive heft and the fact that Ed hadn't gotten her a bra since she snapped the clasp on her I cups didn’t help.

Her ass has grown big enough to lose its round shape and bulge and crease in places. Her gym shorts fit her like panties and caused her to be constantly tugging at them.

Molly's crush was more than out in the open. She constantly whined for affection from her manipulative stepfather who kept her barefoot and rarely left her out of the house.

“Please, daddy,” she begged when he smacked her as she snacked on cheesecake in the kitchen. “Mom's asleep on the couch. Take me into your bed.”

Ed grinned. “Why would I do that when I can ride your mom's big ass? I can she plow her from behind any time I want. It'll be another 50 pounds before she's truly too big to screw.”

“I can put that on her by the end of the month, daddy. I promise.”

Molly wasn't kidding. Before long mom was over the 500 pound mark. Not much more than a compulsive eating blob. In bed she would simply lie there panting as Ed fucked a fold of blubber.

The combination of the limited ways to have sex with a quarter ton sack of lard and Molly's genetic tendency to gain in her back-breaking breasts had Ed finally giving into his urges.

“You feed the whale all this and I'll take you into my bed,” he told Molly as he handed her a half dozen burgers and two blueberry pies.

Molly hand fed her mother the burgers. Mom's compulsion carrying her through her fullness. As she wavered Molly crammed the berry goop past her plump lips until ever last bit was gone and mother was mother more than a sweaty mound of quivering flesh spilling over the sides of the couch.

Molly then waddled quickly to the bedroom where she shed the clothes she was already bursting out of.

Ed sat in a chair and watched as his obese and impossibly busty step-daughter danced naked for him, her pendulous knockers flopping against her soft flesh. Her thighs slapping against each other as she tried to strike sexy poses. Her hips continuing to wobble even when she stood still.

It was almost too much for Ed to bear. He didn't have to for long.

Molly started to scream and then Ed’s entire view went dark and an incredible pressure weighed down on him. He tried to scream but his breath had been crushed out of him.

“Mom what are you doing!” Molly shrieked.

Mother was winded from her trek from the couch to the bedroom and while not as mobility challenged as she had let Ed and Molly think, she was tired. She knew the police would be here soon and that by then Ed would be eager to confess to whatever she wanted him to.

Mother had known she was a terrible parent and nothing would change that, but her compulsive and manipulating boyfriend had made it hard for her to even think of changing things. Catching glimpses of Ed fondling her daughter got to be the last straw.

She simply waited for the right moment and took it.

The police took Ed away once they had 5 officers that could lift mother off him.

Ed had confessed to things mom didn't even know he did as the life was slowly being crushed from him.

At the trial he stood no chance when the facts were laid out and the jury saw what he had turned mother and daughter into.

It was all over.

Mother got another shot at correcting her compulsive eating. It took a while but she made progress. Her weight dropped below 300. The key was no boyfriends. She was able to concentrate with no outside distractions.

At 300 she felt light as a feather even though she still was quite overweight. With loose skin combined with heavy pockets of fat she was less giant blob and more melting wax figure. Not traditionally attractive in any sense. But since she felt tons better and wasn't interested in finding a man in the least she stayed quite happy at that stage. Every once in a while she would allow herself a binge weekend which was why she never made it much below 300 pounds.

Molly was a mess after Ed was taken away. She had therapy to help her work through normal relationships versus what her experiences had been. Eventually she made progress.

Her weight dropped below 200. Still quite chubby for a woman of her height, but with her buxom shape she had no problem attracting men. She dated around and eventually got pregnant. She moved in with mom who was disappointed in daughter but glad for the company.

It wasn’t a perfect relationship.

Mom took advantage of the distraction of caring for her needy daughter to keep her mind off food and saw her weight drop to near 200, her lowest in as long as she could remember.

Molly on the other hand took advantage of her mother’s kindness and became lazy. Molly ballooned up to 300 with child. And after the child was born she stayed with mom and grew to a barely waddling 380.

Still Molly fared much better than Ed who got more than just prison time. He got a unique makeover.

One of the police officers at the scene when he confessed was so disgusted and appalled they pulled a few favors to make sure Ed was properly attended too during his trial and arraignment before being sentenced to prison.

The police officer knew how prison worked. While the slim and not very imposing Ed would certainly take his lumps in prison as is, the officer knew a way to get the creep his just “desserts” so to speak.

Twice a day, usually before and after trial, guards would stuff Ed full of cheesecakes laced with estrogen and BGH. After the three month trial wrapped up the formerly lanky 140 pounder was a 200 pounder with a very fat and very, very feminine lower half.

The judge, a friend of the plotting cop, had no issues dragging out the sentencing while Ed stayed at the court house holding cell and continued to receive his twice daily treats.

The once angry and mean spirited Edward became a very docile and emotional Eddie. With longer hair, soft pale skin, a curvy, exaggerated pear shape and breasts with puffy sensitive nipples that could be considered almost a handful Ed was barely recognizable and would have made a decent looking woman outside the prison walls.

By the day of his transfer to prison Eddie was waddling around at close to 300 of pounds of wobbling ass and thighs in a daze of estrogen overload.

His first night in prison was unspeakably horrific for the soft, slow blubberbutt.
Luckily for Eddie a powerful prisoner claimed him and he was somewhat protected. He spent his days naked on a leash being fed pancakes to keep and even grow his feminine shape and his nights being ridden like a mechanical bull.

Eddie was an ideal sex kitten or fucakble fat cat as it were. His face was round and feminine, but stayed merely chubby as the rest of him swelled.

His breasts soft, squeezable cantaloupes, his belly a wide, drooping apron of sweaty blubber that more than hid the tiny useless nub his dick had become.

Eddie’s ass swelled to ass-tronimical proportions. Nearly 90 inches around while his thighs were equally caked with fat at 60 inches around their widest point. Poor Eddie struggled to keep up with his owner when he was pulled around on his leash.

While Eddie never embraced his role he became used to it as his new normal. He became quite adept at sucking dick or bringing someone off between his jiggly bosom.
As his ass swelled his owner became somewhat obsessed with not only maintain his feminine form, but growing it. Crate after crate of frozen pancakes were delivered right to cell for that very purpose.

Eddie’s life had come full circle, from being the one in control, forcing gluttony onto a partner for his own pleasure, to being the object of someone else’s affection and being made to glut himself to become the exaggerated ideal of his new partner.
A sordid tale of compulsion, lust and manipulation.

There is feeding, weight gain, humiliation and even a little role reversal.
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