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Billowing Brooks

The Billowing Brooks development is a sleepy little community well outside the booming metropolis. It’s the picturesque version of old school Americana that used to be the American dream back before feminism and liberal idealism ruined it all.

Rows of cozy, well built homes line the streets, with plenty of yard to keep dad busy on the weekends, but close enough for the mom’s to get together for coffee in the mornings after getting the kids off to school.    

Good schools that teach kids traditional values along with the education they need are plentiful. The girls heads aren’t filled with nonsense and they are encouraged to be the best mothers, teachers and secretaries they can be as they are taight how to make themselves pretty enough to catch a good man.

The community thrives from strong male leadership and hard work, balanced by loyal, motherly women waiting for them at home.

Nowadays it’s certainly not to everyone’s tastes and that is probably why it’s stayed a well-kept secret. Which is good, because not everything in Billowing Brook is as it seems.

The residents know that underneath the surface there is something very off about Billowing Brook. The local folklore and urban legends are more than just stories. Even some visitors catch on to things being slightly askew from the reality they know, but the feeling quickly fades once the visitors leave. If they leave.


It was the first meeting to discuss the upcoming school year. The members had taken the summer off and so the meeting started late as the members chatted longer to catch up on their way in to the meeting room that was right off the front entrance of the otherwise quiet school. The women bragged about how often they were having sex as their husbands tried to knock them up or about how much money their husbands spent shaping them into their ideal of bueaty.

They eventually sat down at the table prepared with meeting minutes from the previous meeting up on the screen along with fresh coffee and tea as well as platters of muffins and donuts within reach.

The members were all women. Mostly mothers who liked to keep busy while their husbands worked.

Alice Allia was not yet a mother. The young newlywed very much wanted to be and planned to one day have kids, so she liked to stay active in the PTA. But her husband decided to prep her for the fair as a hog rather than breed her right away. She had more than doubled in size since the wedding a mere 18 months ago. A lot had been piled on over the summer as Mr. Allia had kept Alice at home, pumping her full of steroids and appetite enhancers along with as much food as her growing belly would hold. She hadn’t even placed in the fair this year, but at the rate she was going she’d be blue ribbon sized by spring for sure.

Alice waddled in and plopped down at the table, reaching past her fat belly for a couple muffins and a few donuts. She was wearing her collar which was starting to be covered by her neck fat. She was very apple shaped, with her ballooning belly hanging below her shirt that had been tight 30 pounds ago.

Bonnie Bastion was next, clacking into the room in her stiletto heels. The oldest of the PTA mom’s, but you’d never guess by looking at her as her husband had started the process to bimbo-fi her a few years ago.

Bonnie’s eyes looked painted on. Both from the permanent make-up and the lack of any emotion. Her lips were plumped to the point it was hard to understand her. Not that anyone listened. Her mind had deteriorated from the drugs to the point she could barely form a sentence.

Bonnie’s skin was a smooth bronze with no pores or blemishes to be found. Her breasts, perfectly round spheres three times the size of her head that looked like they should topple her over on her heels. Her waist tapered in but had a small ridge of flesh bulging over her skinny jeans as Mr. Bastion preferred her on the soft side. Her hips were almost 60 inches around. Injected with enough whale blubber to keep her jiggling even when at a standstill. In the front her mound had been pumped full of fat until it bulged out creating a camel toe in anything she wore.

Bonnie sat down in her spot and looked confused as she tried to read the larger words in the meeting minutes.

The rest of the room filled in with similar ladies. Big, stay at home mothers with their blubbery asses bulging from their yoga pants. New mothers who had stuffed their bloated frames into their pre-pregnancy clothes they refused to replace. The horny, bored housewives who layered make-up on their tired faces and stuffed their sagging tits into push up bras to try and attract some kind of attention from the opposite sex. And there were a few ballooning pregos with their bellies sticking out further than they could reach and their faces bloated into round caricatures of their thinner selves.

The meeting minutes were read by a pear shaped porker who spoke through a mouthful of donut. Once she was done the president pounded her gavel.

“Alright, ladies. Let’s get right into it. First order of business,” Cassie Calhoun said after clearing her throat.

Cassie was roughly the size of a smart car. Cursed by her jealous sister after the all-star quarterback picked her to wed, Cassie had gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy and another 25 between each. After giving birth to her fourth child last spring Cassie spent most of the summer desperately trying to talk her husband out of 2 more children.

“And that business is to discuss the milk supply for school lunches. At the last meeting Deanna Doltren was voted the source for summer school and has done an amazing job.”
Across the table a haggard redhead tried to smile. The smallest of the women thanks to two and a half months of boosted metabolism from lactating, loose belly skin sat in her lap yet was covered by massive, sagging milk tanks that strained her shirt. Sensitive nipples the size of plums throbbed through the fabric that had damp spots where she was leaking through.

“It’s been an honor,” Deanna sighed. “And my husband was happy to see me drop some belly fat and…fill out a little up top. But I’m more than ready to give up the job.” She slid the collar with COW written in school colors onto the table.

“Not so fast,” A blonde who looked to be midway through bimbofication chirped up. “Deanna’s done such a good job. I move to make her our permanent cow.” The tone at which she spoke and the way she glared at the leaking human bovine made it obvious there was bad blood even for those that didn’t already know the blonde’s husband had been sneaking over to Deanna’s every night to help milk her before bed.

Deanna tried to object but was quickly cut off by two friends of the blonde who seconded the motion.

Cassie mulled it over for a second. Her eyes moved from the colluding bimbos to the panicked and stuttering cow.

“Let’s put it to a vote. All in favor of Deanna being the permanent school dairy cow say yay.”

An overwhelming amount of yays sounded off. Women bribed off by the jealous bimbo and women who preferred not to risk being voted the cow themselves made up the group.

“All opposed.”

Deanna and a couple others gave a whimpering nay.

“Then it’s decided. Deanna is the lunch cow,” Cassie decreed. She was about to pound her gavel, but hesitated. “I’m a little worried with all that weight she lost her milk isn’t as healthy as it should be. I don’t want my kids drinking watery milk.” The PTA president nodded to the chubby women on either side of Deanna and they each grabbed an arm before the sulking cow could move. “Let’s fatten her up to a proper-sized cow.”

Cassie rose her bulk from the chair and grabbed a platter of donuts. The blonde bimbo leapt from her chair to get behind the prone Deanna and pry her mouth open. When she fought a sharp jab to her flopping udders brought her in line. By the time Cassie waddled over the cow was on her knees with a mother holding each arm and her rival forcing her mouth open. Donut after donut went into Deana’s open maw until her cheeks bulged out comically. Her belly started to round until her sagging skin apron was a tight orb hanging in front of her thighs. After the muffins were crammed down her sore throat Deanna’s belly was larger than a beach ball with the skin stretch painfully tight. She dropped into a whimpering heap when the force feeding was over. She didn’t even bother to resist when Cassie had the other members lift her back up so she could lock on the cow collar and shove her bloated form back to the ground where she lay in tears as the meeting continued.

Two weeks later

The cafeteria was bustling as the kids filed in for lunch. Teachers admonished kids for running or pushing as the line started to form. Students filled their tray with food and grabbed an empty cup so they could fill up when they got to the stall.

Deanna was on her knees, hands bound behind her back, chained by her collar to the wall as her bloated udders hung in front of her very chubby belly, padded with two weeks’ worth of day old pastries donated from the bakery. Milk trickled from painfully red and swollen teats even before the grubby hands tugged and twisted on them to send a stream shooting into their cup. Deanna whimpered each time as her fattened, swollen udders were depleted to sagging empty sacks over the course of the 30 minute lunch. She knew in less than two hours they’d be swollen back to their heavy, tight, warm, leaking forms. Deana whimpered louder when they cafeteria emptied out and the lunch lady shuffled over with the grease bucket from the grill and a large funnel. She wouldn’t be losing any weight on this stint as the cow.
Billowing Brook - The PTA
I got a few little stories that I may tie together by setting them in the sleepy, but mysterious community of Billowing Brook. This one has a little of everything. Lactation, WG, Force Feeding...

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Blushing Bovine Bride

Vera was a vision as she glided down the aisle. My gorgeous bride glowed like an angel. Of course with her billowing dress hiding her curvy legs and long veil blurring her beautiful face the most noticeable thing by far on my Vera was her much more than ample bosom spilling from her strapless gown.

Men practically drooled and woman gaped in awe. Friends and family that hadn’t seen her in a while looked shocked at how she had developed.

I couldn’t help but be proud. I had helped blossom the once very average, but still very cute, Vera into a buxom, double take worthy vision.

It hadn’t been hard. Genetics was the biggest factor. Vera’s mother and sister both bought bras from specialty shops. If only because they are both significantly overweight. But one look at photos of their slimmer selfs revealed that they to were once not much more than a handful. And so with a little enabling once my Vera got comfortable in our relationship and yes maybe a lot of subtle feeding once the nervous binge eating showed up during the year of wedding planning, and Vera too blossomed.

Sure my Vera had a round, full face and a small roll of pudge just over her panty line, but it only served to help mark her as taken. Plus stuffed in her corset her thicker middle was barely noticeable. Of course if you looked carefully you could see what I had created as Vera nibbled finger food constantly as guests chatted her up while she wanted nothing more than to loosen her dress or adjust her bosom. It was clear the bride was on pace to add another 15 pounds by our one year anniversary. And admiring her top heavy shape I didn’t mind as all.

Men continued to ogle throughout the reception. Especially as she stopped hoisting her dress up as the beers she drank kicked in and her long line of cleavage got longer.

People cheered as I licked crumbs out of her cleavage during dinner. Vera blushed as I motorboated her largest assets in front of everyone.

Throughout the night I enjoyed watching her get tired and see her shoulders droop. Curvy as she had become she was a might out of shape and not used to lugging her heavy tanks around. She sat by my side drinking beer as I rubbed her shoulders. It was hard not to imagine the effects the beer might have on her. Another cup size? Maybe 2? Sure she probably have a noticeable gut by then, a little belly would be worth a trophy worthy rack.

I motioned for the waitress to bring another beer.

The Kept (Fat) Wife

I watched Diane as she chatted up the other wives on the porch while I talked with the husbands. She was easily twice as wide in the hips as even the chubbiest of wives.  That big ass straining her size 14 jeans. She even had a slight camel toe in the front. I caught Billy staring at it too. I smiled and nodded knowingly when he blushed after I caught him. His 90 pound wife Amber didn’t bulge out of her jeans like that. She worked out and watched what she ate. Of course she also still went out dancing with her college friends and flirted with everyone in pants. My Diane was too self-conscious of her fuller figure to go out to parties. And just a tad too heavy to attract attention from most guys. And while she by every definition of the word, was fat, it was a small price to pay to have a shy, well behaved woman who made up for her heft any way she could. Even now as the other wives were lost in gossip Diane was looking back to make sure I didn’t need another beer.

A well placed comment on the drive home about how it looked like Missy had lost weight and I’d be sure to get some head tonight.

And you didn’t need to see her next to thinner women to realize how big she was getting. A whopping 185 on her 5’3” frame. Stuffed in her jeans her big ass held its shape, naked it was dimpled and globular. In a way Diane was lucky it was big because it made her thick waist seem narrower than it was. Still her belly was too big to suck in. Not a potbelly or anything, but soft and squishy, bulging above and below her belt line.
Her tits were average. I joked how fat she had to get just to fill a C cup, which always made her pout.

Her upper arms were more than I could get my hands around.

A lot of things had changed. The once trim college co-ed who played hard to get and bragged of the teacher she’d become was now a plus-sized kept wife who was as needy for attention as they come.

It hadn’t been all that tough a transformation. A proposal before she graduated acted as a nice wrench in her plans. We wed when she would have finished Junior year. By then I convinced her to wait to go back to school until I got settled in my job. Boredom and my enabling helped plump her up. Diet sabotage helped fatten her up. She was home waiting for me to get done with work for ten hours in a house that I made sure was packed with her favorite foods. And her willpower had been worn down to nothing. I’d come home to find her still in pajama pants with empty packages of chips, cookies and more stuffed in the trash.

It was fun watching her blush and stutter for a response when friends and family that hadn’t seen her in a while told her how it looked like marriage had been “good” to her. I would always step in and pat Diane’s chubby belly and tell them it had been “very good” to her, while thinking to myself it was going to continue to be very “good” to her.

Ripe and Round

Lita was dripping sweat from every pour before we made it through the parking lot. The beach was packed and everyone seemed to do double takes as they passed by my waddling wife as her soft, spherical form jiggled out of her bikini top a little more with each step.

She flashed me a piercing glare but I was too excited to even pretend to have pity. I patted her sweat damped pregnant belly, where the stretch marks were widest radiating out from her popped bellybutton.

“Remember. The doctor said it’s good to get out and walk around.” My hand moved around to where a thick ridge of flesh rested atop her jutting, bulging ass. “With all that weight you’ve picked up you definitely need it.”

Lita just grunted angrily and grabbed my arm so she had something to lean her bulk against as she took a rest 20 feet from the car.

She knew why I took her to the beach. She knew I was merely showing off what I had turned her into and she was right. The mere thought of her transformation had me excited.

The athletic tomboy who could best a lot of men in volleyball and softball, that I had married was now a massive waddling testament to fertility and gluttony who could barely get up from the couch without help.

“Want me to roll you the rest of the way, butterball,” I teased as she caught her breath.

Lita glared and resumed her waddle. With her sweating there was now a wet slapping of her thighs as she trudged along.

Now Lita had wanted kids with all her heart, but I was taking things further than I probably should. But it was hard not to be proud that my seed had turned the healthy, sturdy 160 pound 5’8” frame of my wife into a hormone riddled, overeating marshmallow.

As I let her get ahead I was mesmerized by the watery, blubbery bouncing around behind that had turned her bikini bottoms into a thong.

Maybe I enabled more than I should once I saw her struggling with cravings and being too worn out for her usual workouts.

When we finally found a spot Lita plopped down hard on that well cushioned ass. People looked and pointed at the spectacle of such a large woman in a barely there bikini. Lita blushed and stuffed her assets back in her bikini top and went right for the cooler of food I brought.

It was hard not feel a little evil as I enjoyed watching her glut herself like she never had before the pregnancy and take pride in the fact that she’d probably never get back to her original shape. Hell I took pride in watching her struggle into her huge maternity pants, knock over kitchen chairs with her jutting ass or protruding belly and how she couldn’t say no to a second piece of cheesecake.

As Lita emptied the cooler of snacks I rubbed sunscreen on her belly, brimming with pride as people stared in awe at the sheer size of her incredibly pregnant belly. Men looked at me with hints of jealousy and respectful amazement. Women looked at me with hints of desire mixed with curiosity. I soaked it all in as I soothed my ripe beauty with compliments of how she glowed and a shoulder massage.

I knew poor Lita would be too tired after all the activity to try anything before bed tonight but it was just the thrill of showing of the swollen monument of fertility I had created out of the hardened athlete that made it all worthwhile.

Hungry, Hungry Housewife

I loved family dinners at Amy’s parents’ place. It was kind of an old fashioned vibe. The kids played outside. The men watched TV and the women hung out in the kitchen. Of course I liked to peek in the kitchen every now and again. The visual contrast of my lovely wife next to her sisters and mother was just so fascinating.

Younger sister May had put on a bit in college. Not much, just enough to have her shorts snug at her thigh.

Older sister sister Jean had worked hard to try and lose the weight from carrying around her 2 children. Still on the hefty side, Jean regained an hourglass shape.

Mother had gotten quite top heavy since menopause. Her breasts and belly noticeably full and round.

Amy outweighed them all. Heck she outweighed her two sisters together. The once weight conscious bottle blonde real estate agent was now an overeating, brunette mother of four.

Breeding and feeding had my once petite bride tipping the scales at over 325 pounds.

Spoiling Amy chubby after the wedding was the hardest part. She’d diet and fight the inevitable until I put a baby inside her. It was then She became my willing hog as I fed her as much as I could as her raging hormones turned her from curvy sex object into a blossoming mother figure.

After the first it was easy to pile weight on her.

She was at home with the little one with nothing to do but eat all the food I had laying around for her. She got pregnant with number two shortly after and spiraled even bigger.

With each pregnancy she became less concerned about her ballooning figure. By number 3 I didn’t even have any diet shakes to swap out with regular high calorie shakes.

I had a goal. I wanted Amy teetering right on the edge between morbidly obese housewife and circus sideshow fat lady. I wanted everyone to be able to know just by looking that my wife was a fat and happy mother of my children and off the market. I wanted her size to make her stand out from all the other dumpy merely overweight housewives. I wanted her blubber to just start to effect her everyday life. Amy was that in spades. Her dimpled knees and thick ankles ached if she stood or walked for too long. Not to mention the chafing caused by waves of thigh cheese rubbing together. Her sagging belly rolls hung down over her fat pussy, keeping it moist and ready. Her breasts were heavy, hanging wrecking balls that slammed heavily down onto her gut when I yanked off her bra.

Amy’s face was barely recognizable as the slender bride in the wedding pictures on our mantle at home.

She was nibbling on snacks as she talked with her family in the kitchen. It was instinctive. She didn’t even realize she was doing it. Not that she could stop if she did.

It’s hard not to chuckle at what I created: a helpless blob. A powerless glutton. But the truth is the fun is all gone. It’s too easy and perhaps I got carried away. Big Amy is only capable of a couple positions now in bed. It may be time to put this cow out to pasture and move onto the next challenge. I can enjoy keeping tabs on Amy as she slips into a depression fueled binge that takes her to 400 and beyond while I romance that cute waitress that’s been flirting with me at the diner. With a little work she’d make an adorably plump bride
Supersized Stages
Three seperate mini-stories. Plump bride, overweight wife, swollen mother-to-be and obese mother. 

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Don’t lose more than you can afford to Wilt Wheeler. The eccentric billionaire doesn’t need or even care for your money. But he loves to come up with creative ways to collect on a debt. Almost more than he loves winning at poker. He’ll play whatever version you want, wherever you like, and however you stack the odds you’ll eventually lose. He’s just that good.

There was the Texan who went down more than $800K to to Wilt in a private tournament. The cowboy’s money was tied up in alimony to an estranged ex. Wilt turned his ex into his own overinflated sex toy. He lured the high class bitch to his estate with little more than the promise of a life of luxury and leisure. Unfathomable wealth unleashed a side of the formerly refined woman she didn’t even know existed. She would do things to her new man that would make a porn star blush. She’d lounge around the house in lingerie and heels, tarted up in make-up waiting for her man to come home so she could please him.

When he wasn’t degrading her sexually Wilt was feeding the slut nothing but cookie-dough. In her oversexed state she thought little of it. Enjoyed the decadence of it even.  Her toned body softened then expanded. Her look gradually changed from overpriced hooker to tubby slut as the lingerie split around her bloated figure and she got too lazy for hair and make-up.

Wilt’s toy gained in her face and belly. As she grew bigger Wilt would slap her belly and make her oink like a pig when she wanted to cum.

The Texan was eventually texted a clip of his ex on her back oinking at the camera with a face so fat she had three extra chins. Her soft, full arms tugging up a massive belly to expose a fat, juicy pussy that Wilt plowed like a farmer as her blubbery, sweaty body wobbled wildly.

Debt Paid, the text below the clip exclaimed.

Then there was the young poker pro who thought he could take on Wilt at a friendly game at the billionaire’s own mansion. He was wrong.
When he was short almost half a million dollars Wilt’s men roughed him up and dumped him in the swamp. When he found his way back home he found his mother had checked herself into a special clinic.

The overweight, middle aged blonde had begun experiencing swollen, sore breasts and when she went to the doctor she was referred to a “specialist”.

A month later the young pro was texted a clip of his mother naked, her now soccer ball-sized breasts hooked to a milking device that sucked the cream from her bloated tanks as she moaned in relief and begged to be milked harder.

Debt Paid

A rap star showed up at one of Wilt’s private games demanding to be allowed to play because of who he was. He played terribly and kept bragging on the girl he brought with him, a white girl with a big round ass. He wouldn’t shut up about how she was the best piece of ass around.

Wilt didn’t drag this punishment out. As the rapper drunk himself stupid on Wilt’s quality liquor he didn’t notice his also very drunk woman being escorted away. They weighed the bootylicious bimbo and had plastic surgeons inject her body weight in animal lard into the drunken whore’s backside. 140 pounds of blubber turned her soft shapely backside into a massive, wobbling blob of cellulite, creases, stretch marks, saddle bags and ridges. Just breathing caused enough jiggling to stagger the bimbo’s steps.

The hung over rapper staggered out to his Bentley in the morning to find his naked girl stuffed in his back seat on all fours with two words written across her wobbling jelly in permanent marker.

Debt Paid

A female card shark who made her living fleecing rich players took on Wilt as well. She failed but not as badly as the others and had the money to account for her loss. But Wilt is an old fashioned man and took exception to a woman playing the game so well.

Not long after, the shark’s younger, hard partying sister woke up after a night of drinking and sex to find the words BABY FACTORY tattooed across her flat belly. It didn’t remain flat as the young women found out she was pregnant with triplets. Her partying days ended as mere months later her body swelled into a waddling beach ball. But it wasn’t over. A mere two months after delivering her brood the woman found herself pregnant again. With triplets again. This was harder to explain since the stretched and swollen new mother had no man in her life. This pregnancy saw the women swell even larger and fuller. Fat bunched up on her thighs all the way down to her swollen ankles. And yet again shortly after delivery found her sagging belly quickly impregnated with a third set of triplets.

As the now retired card shark card for her bed ridden blob of a baby factory sis she received a text with clips of multiple people sneaking into her sister’s house at night to inject her with tranquilizers than fertility drugs and impregnate her with medical tools like she was a farm animal.

Debt Paid

So heed my warning my confident friend. Because as you sit there with your pockets lined with money from private games, you shelves stacked with trophies from pro tournaments and you arms held by big-titted groupies, I can’t stress enough how many better players than you have failed and paid a steep price. Perhaps you’ll get off easy and one of your hourglass-figured “friend” will wind up a potbellied piglet, wallowing in a mud pit on one of Wilt’s many lavish estates. Or maybe he’ll go more personal and your innocent wife will end up as a side show attraction as a half ton circus fat lady. Either way you better be prepared to lose and lose BIG
Debt Paid
Just a short little tale of WG horror with some lactation and pregnancy mixed in for good measure. 

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Eddie could hear his mother riding Buck in the next room even with his earbuds in. Or maybe it was Ray or Steve. They all kind of ran together. Either way they were unfeeling brutes who didn’t know how to treat mother properly.

The rhythmic knocking of the headboard against the thin wall was broken up by the animalistic grunts of mom along with the wet slapping of flesh, presumably her tits against her belly.

Eddie had come to terms with the fact his mother was a huge slut. In fact he was way beyond that. Talking and reasoning with her proved fruitless. Now Eddie was ready with a solution as soon as she finished up with Nick...or Rob.

Mother hadn’t wasted any time once dad had left her with his assistant for Phoenix. Of course everyone knew well before he left that his long days were less about work and more about working over the cute redhead that sat at the front desk.

Mom had packed on 40 pounds sitting at home nervously eating as she waited for her man to come home to her. Eddie partially blamed himself for her weight. He would try to console mother with her favorite treats as he massaged her tense shoulders. Her clothes got noticeably tight as Eddie enabled her habit, but she looked cute chubby and it was better than her leaving.

When dad finally bailed mom was quick to move on.

It wasn’t hard to find interested men. Even overweight mom was a looker. Silky golden locks, big hazel eyes and very kissable lips even without lipstick. Even as her face filled out she looked like a pudgy version of the chick that played Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Her tits grew as she overate into heavy, pendulous hangers and her thighs gained a thick juicy quality. Sure she grew a noticeable set of love handles but she more than fit the term MILF.  A MILF that attracted plenty of men who were interested in little more than getting into mother’s tight pants.

Eddie was disappointed at first but let things happen. The many seedy visitors and sounds from mother’s room at all hours of the day and night were annoying for sure but Eddie hoped it was a phase. When this phase continued on it started to have consequences. Hanging out at the bars drinking with her dates and eating fast food caused mother to gain even more weight. Those juicy thighs started squishing together below her camel toe. Her love handles billowed up above her belt line much larger than mere handles. Mother’s tits grew fuller, fatter and heavier.

Meanwhile It wasn’t just mother affected by her new lifestyle. Sister started to change as well. The formerly fit cheerleader couldn't help but soften as the only food in the house tended to be rich junk. It only took one off season for sister to pack on more than 20 pounds on her ass and belly. Unlike mother sister didn’t carry her weight as attractively. Or at least Eddie didn’t think so. He teased her relentlessly and called her piggy as her muffin top blossomed and ass widened.

Sister’s grades plummeted and her monogamous relationship with the all state quarterback ended as she cheated with the entire offensive line during a post game party.
It was then Eddie knew something had to be done. No matter how drastic it seemed. And coincidently he found someone who had the means to help him.

So with everything in place Eddie waited for Buck or whoever to finish up and then dash out to his pick-up and peel out of the driveway.

Mother waddled out of the bedroom shortly after in a tight sleep shirt that rode up over her big ass, letting the dimpled cheeks wobble freely as she plodded to the kitchen. She licked her plump lips instinctively as the smell of leftover pizza greeted her at the kitchen. She leaned heavily against the fridge door as her pendulous melons stretched her shirt as she leaned in for the greasy pizza.

Eddie was ready when mother plopped her big ass down on two cushions on the couch.

“Here’s a drink, mother,” he said, setting down a solo cup of whiskey, ice and...whatever that stuff had been in the vile.

Mother grunted and tossed back the drink before tearing into the cold pizza.

Eddie waited patiently.

He didn’t wait long. Mother’s big eyes glazed over. She looked confused and startled. Through her shirt her nipples popped into ripe cherries. Her hands dropped her pizza and clutched at her chest.

“Relax, mom. It won’t hurt.”

“W-w-what?” Her face contorted as if it were a struggle to talk.

“Just let it happen, mom. You can’t fight it. And we both know you couldn’t go on like you were. This will be for the best. I’ll take good care of you. I won’t let anyone treat you like you let all those guys treat you.”

Tears welled in her scared eyes as she looked down at her chest. Her breasts were swelling, threatening to split her shirt.

“That warmth is them filling up, mom. Your breasts now have a purpose other than flopping around as you ride every man at the dive bar. You’re becoming a big beautiful cow.”

Mother looked like she was trying to speak, but the serum was working fast. Her IQ was shrinking as her chest swelled.

“All your worries and responsibility will go away. And your milk will be more than enough to sustain us. We already have buyers lined up. Now let’s get you out of that tight shirt.”

Eddie tugged the fabric over her head and let the bloated udders flop onto her gut. His hand went to the engorged teat and gently tugged until a white droplet formed.

Mother’s expression changed from confusion to pained.

“You’re filling up fast. I’ll have to get a bottle. See. You’re such a good cow already. A natural. You finish eating and then we’ll get you milked.”

Eddie hurried to the garage where the sanitized bottles that had delivered with the serum were waiting.

Mother’s cheeks were crammed with pizza when he got back. He chuckled and let her finish. He had been warned about weight gain and increased appetite being a side effect. Eddie was hoping for it. The bigger and lazier she got the more mother would need him. They could spend time together to make up for her months of whoring.

Eddie’s hands went to his mother’s udders but he didn’t milk just yet. The skin was taut and pink, with veins popping just beneath the surface. She had already gone up at least a full cup size. Eddie dragged his fingertips gently over her wide, puffy areole. Milk dribbled from her teat as the ducts slowly opened. Mother moaned. A new mouthful of pizza oozed out the corners of her mouth. Her eyes stared down at her sore swollen chest like a toddler looking at a chalk board full of calculus equations. Her IQ had dropped so low she couldn’t figure out how to relieve the pressure in her aching breasts.

Eddie chuckled and brought more pizza up to her gaping mouth.

“Eat up and I’ll get you milked. We have to get you big and full so you can produce lots of milk for us.”

Mother looked lost. As if understanding her son was out of her reach.

Eddie fed her the rest of the pizza and a box of the sandwich cookies she liked. When she finished Eddie helped her off the couch and onto the floor. He used her thick love handles to guide her onto her hands and knees. He gave her a little slap just to watch her flesh ripple.

Mother looked so good with the extra weight.

She grunted. Eddie rubbed her back to calm her. She looked like a big dumb animal. Her pale ass looked huge in this position. Her belly pressed against her flabby thighs. Her thick arms obscure her dangling udders.

“Gosh you got big. You have be over 200 for sure.”

Mother whined. She needed release.

Eddie kneaded a hanging udder. It didn’t take much. Warm milk streamed into the bottle.

Mother moaned.

“Good girl. I’ll get you some more cookies after we get you emptied.”

Mother sighed appreciatively and swished her big ass.

The milking was easy. Eddie pinched a nipple with one hand and applied pressure at the base of her udder with the other. He’d alternate every couple pumps when the streams turned to trickles.

Mother arched her back as her skin got damp with sweat. Her eyes rolled back into her head.

Eddie rubbed her back.

“Easy, girl. We’re almost there.”

Two bottles were filled and while the udders seemed less dense there was still fresh milk.
It dawned on Eddie that drool was dripping from his lip. There was something about seeing mother’s fat breasts spraying thick cream that brought back memories. It was too much to resist. Eddie lowered his head and latched in to a thick dark nipple.

Mother shivered and groaned very appreciatively. The milk flowed like a steady stream into Eddie’s eager mouth.

Mother’s big ass wiggled more intensely. Eddie gave it a smack as he finished up and helped her back onto the couch. He grabbed her more cookies and admired how her depleted udders draped over her now very full, round belly. Her big eyes stared out vacantly at nothing. She looked so soft and helpless. Like she would sit there all night with Eddie if he wanted.

Mother whined as she ate herself past full. Eddie pulled the bag of mostly crumbs from her and rubbed her distended belly until her empty eyes closed. His hands moved to her sagging milk tanks. He kneaded them, feeling their warmth as they were already starting to fill up. Eddie got some baby oil and rubbed. She’d swell even more in the next couple days. Her udders would produce a lot of milk if he kept them healthy. A good coat of baby oil should help ease the stretching.

The phone ringing knocked Eddie out of his spell.

“Hello...yeah. It’s done...pretty much just like you said. She’s a big gorgeous cow...don’t be mean dad. You were the one who left her...yeah. No I remember. That was part of the agreement. You and Melonie can move back in tomorrow...I’ll get mom’s stuff out of the bedroom and move her to the basement with me. Because that was also part of the agreement...No, sister doesn’t know yet. She won’t care. She spends of her time out with the boys anyway...oh and when you come bring your mini fridge. We’re going to need extra storage for all this milk.”


Eddie woke in the warm bosom of mother. Her big, soft body engulfing him. He could feel her udders throbbing, aching to be milked they were so full. He grabbed handfuls of belly fat and pulled himself closer, instinctively latching on to an engorged teat and suckling away on the udders that dwarfed the king sized pillows strewn about the bed.

Mother mooed softly in her sleep. Eddie couldn’t see past her bosom to her face but she usually had a smile.

The milk was warm and rich and thick. It was slightly sweet. Likely from mother’s diet of cake. Eddie had been spoiling her despite father’s insistence that mother needed to lose weight.
Between Eddie’s overfeeding and the fact the she seldom left his bed much less the basement mom had gotten massively fat. 328 to be exact even though he told dad 270.

Eddie suckled harder and burrowed deeper into mother’s flab. She was so warm and soft. She smelled sweet, like frosting. It was hard to pry himself away and get the bottles. So he didn’t. He suckled both swollen teats dry until his belly ached. There was no worry. Even missing a milking mother would still produce enough to meet demand. She be whining for another milking before lunch.

Mother started to moan and shift her bloated form. Now that she had been milked she was hungry.

Eddie grabbed two packages of pound cake from a case on the floor and set the within mother’s reach. They would hold her until her could get a proper breakfast for her.

Eddie grabbed a shirt and tugged it over his burgeoning frame. Suckling so much from mother had caused Eddie to fill out quite a bit. His face had gotten remarkably round and fat. His ass wide and solid. Far too wide for any of his pants. He spent most of his time in his underwear anyway.

Eddie’s belly was a massive round paunch that sloshed with all the milk he sucked down. Eddie was even getting tits of his own. At least a handful of man boob with pink puffy nipples.

Eddie was big and out of shape enough to be winded as he got to the top of the stairs and open the door to the kitchen. There sister was already downing donuts. The big slut took up almost half the kitchen. But her massive belly wasn’t just fat. It was carrying twins. Her robe couldn’t contain it as it jutted out in front of her. Sister was wide too, with an ass almost as big as mom although she carried more in her saddlebags so she looked shorter and stouter.

Sister laughed when she saw Eddie.

“Did momma’s boy get his morning chores done?” She cackled.

“What are you babbling on about pig?”

Sister reached out and wiped a drizzle of milk from Eddie’s chins.

“Drinking up all the profits again. Dad’s going to be pissed fat boy.”

She slapped his gut and laughed at the sloshing sound it made.

“Only reason he’s worried about profits is because he knows how much those kids that are going to drop out of your fat ass will cost. And it’s not like you can help out with those pathetic udders.”

Eddie pulled open her robe to expose her chubby C cups sitting atop her belly.

“You’re lucky you’re preggers or he’d make you a cow too. So you could pull your own blubbery weight.”

Sister gasped at the thought and then gave her brother’s own boobs a poke.

“Who’s to say he’s not already turning you into one. You’re certainly developing a nice set of udders there.”

The two continued to poke and tease until father came in.

“Would you two fat fucks stop fighting. I wouldn’t waste my time turning you into cows. I should get you blobs onto a treadmill before you’re too fat to help out.”

“Yes, dad,” both answered in unison.

“Now one of you go milk your step-mother before she starts whining and the other get out to the garage and box up orders before we get behind.”

“Yes, dad,” both answered in unison.

Father watched as sister stuffed a donut in her mouth and struggled to close her robe over her planet of a belly before waddling over to the door and squeezing her saddle bags out to the garage. Father wasn’t surprised at her weight gain since she got knocked up. She had replaced her sex addiction with food once her baby daddy stopped wanting anything to do with her and other guys lost interest once she started to show. She’d likely get bigger before those twins drop.

Then he watched Eddie, who was still winded from coming up the stairs, shuffle out to the living room, his soft and almost disturbingly feminine body jiggling with each step. The poor hippo was going to need a bra soon. Served him right for sucking down as much of mother’s rich milk as he did. That boy would get absolutely huge.

Father had been well aware of his son’s attachment to mother. Mother hadn’t helped things any by running around naked when he was little. And her frank, detailed discussions of sex once she felt he needed to know only compounded his feelings.

While the two siblings seemed like very poor business partners father wouldn’t have any others working with him. His son would do whatever he was told as long as he had mother. And he had become a proficient milker. He could empty an udder dry in a flash. It certainly made up for him guzzling some of the goods. Not that father had much of a choice. Once he went bankrupt in Phoenix he had been lucky Eddie called him desperate for a solution to mother’s whoring. Poor pansy of a son was in tears because mom wasn’t spending enough with him. Father had been about to slip the serum to the ditz of a red headed beanpole he ran off with but remembered his wife’s amazing rack and what perfect udders it could transform into.  The timing couldn’t have been better.

His daughter had been a plan for growth but not as another cow. With her love of sex and good looks she’d have been easy to pimp out and supplement the income the income from the milk. But that was before father realized how much people would pay for quality breast milk. Plus her pregnancy and the increased demand for milk had put that idea on hold for the time being. Once she delivered he could always diet her down until she was sexy enough to attract attention from horny men with disposable incomes. Also, once father decided to turn the red head into a cow it made sense to keep sister around for her labor.

Father peeked into the living room where Eddie had positioned the voluptuous redhead with the massive udders, on her knees in prime milking position.

He hadn’t planned on turning his mistress once he had his ex producing for him. But living with the cows had caused her to thicken enough that father didn’t find her attractive anymore. He preferred his women pencil thin. He felt bad at first. Partly because it was so easy. One minute she was nagging him to take her out. The next she was drooling and bursting from her bra.

Once father moved on he made sure his new girlfriend, the yoga instructor with the long legs never came around the house.

It ended up being for the best. Unlike his ex father made sure his red headed cow maintained a reasonable weight. Plenty plump but far from fat. Her udders grew larger as the milkings continued. Soon she was producing a top quality milk that father sold at a premium while looking like a bloated Jessica Rabbit.

The red head shivered and mooed as Eddie emptied her left udder. Fat boy was nothing if not quick. The cow tossed her head back as sweat formed on her brow. Eddie started on her right.

Father walked back into the kitchen to pour himself a drink. Soon enough he’d half to plan for growth as demand would eventually outpace what his two prime cows could produce. But for the time being he could sit back and relax while his overstuffed offspring milked his ex and his former mistress
Eddie and his Dilema
This one has weight gain, feeding, lactation and milking. I also added a subplot about a son being a little too attached to his mother. No real reason, just for something different. 

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They were easy enough to pick up. Drunk and horny members of some bachelorette party. So eager have me take them home one had their hand down my pants as we talked at the bar. So desperate for attention. Little did they know I’d give them a lot more.

The surprise for me was that these two drunken slurs were actually the bride and her matron of honor.

They weren’t much to look at. The blonde (who happened to be the bride) was cute enough. Chubby with a really big ass, her skin was white as snow and her eyes were big as saucers. Her older sister-in law resembled that Pam chick from The Office with bigger tits and nose.

They came poking around a couple times with the whole party. I flirted politely and moved on. I sensed it would be them, but I let it happen in its own time. Sure enough, later in the night they came back just the two of them, so drunk I was surprised they could walk.

“We need someone who can handle both of us,” the blonde slurred.

“Don’t you need to find your bride and get her home safe?”

“I am the fucking bride. Those bitches left because ‘they have to work early tomorrow’.”

I proceeded to tell them in detail what I’d do to them if they came home with me. It included tying up Pam and teasing her until she pleaded with me to let her cum and bending over the bride until her fat ass hurt to sit on for a week.

The two responded by starting to make out with me right then and there and sealing their fates.

On our way out I warned them we might also play a game that could change their lives forever.

Pam stopped me and reached her hand down my pants, squeezing me pretty gentle for someone who had done enough shots to nearly match her age.

“With what you’re packing I certainly hope so,” she said with a drunken grin.

Back at home I stripped the pair to see what I was working with. The blonde was more than chubby. Small tits but a soft squishy belly she held in with an undergarment. Her ass was this big wobbly mass of blubber. No cellulite. Just a few stretch marks along those wide hips.

I parted those flabby cheeks and ate her out as Pam watched from the couch with a fresh drink in hand. I had blondie yelping and panting in no time.

The matron of honor was clearly a mother. Lose, stretched skin hung over her panties. Her tits were heavy and saggy with nipples that had nursed more that one baby.

I tied Pam’s hands behind her back with her own bra and played with her sensitive nipples until she was dripping wet and begging me to take her.

“You’re going to have to wait.”

I hooked her wrists over the stair railing forcing her to stand awkwardly bent over with those big tits hanging down.

“Now I’m going to go fuck your fat friend until she passes out. If you’re good I’ll come back. If not I’ll leave you here all night.”

Then I took the bride for the ride of her life. For the next 90 minutes I plowed her so hard she was drooling and sweating 10 minutes in. First bent over a chair. Then doggy style on the couch. There were a couple other positions on the couch before I went back to doggy style to keep her face in the cushions cause she was moaning so loud. We moved to the floor where I fucked her across the room and up the stairs by her trapped friend.

I counted six total orgasms before the blonde’s body went limp on the stairs.

I made good on my promise and went back to Pam who had been quiet despite obvious discomfort.

I teased her a bit, playful slapping around her big tits until she begged to be let go. I alternate between pleasure and slight pain until her nipples throbbing and she babbles, unsure if she wants to be freed and fucked or kept tied so she can savor the anticipation. Finally I pulled her off the railing but left her hands tied. I rode her on the couch hard enough to have those floppers slapping her cheeks with each powerful thrust. Her orgasm was so intense I stopped at just one. She was screaming so loud and her eye was twitching funny so I wasn’t sure she could take another.

I pulled out and coated her chest and face with my seed. Pam was too exhausted to care.

I let the girls rest. Blondie was snoring on the stairs, her big ass throbbing with my handprints in red and pink all over. Pam was passed out on the couch, her tits cascading off the edge of the cushion, shiny from sweat and my seed.

In the morning I had water, greasy breakfast sandwiches, coffee and Bloody Mary’s. Whatever would help there massive hangovers.

The colored pills sat on the counter in the middle of all the food. One pink, one blue.

Are these aspirin? Blondie asked. If so I’ll need more.

I shook my head and handed her a bottle of aspirin.

Pam needed aspirin as well, but was curious about the large shiny pills too.  

“So what are these?”

“A choice...for better life.”

“What makes you think we need a better life? And why would you be able to give it us?”

“Excessive  alcohol, meaningless sex with’re obviously missing something in your lives.”

Pam rolled her eyes. “And you can give it to us?”

I shrugged. “Not much I can say will prove or disprove but if you can remember you’re aware that everything else I told you last night came true. It’s just a matter of how much you want a change in your life.”

The girls looked at each other.

“Now there’s no pressure. Behind you your clothes are hanging by the door. Put them on and go back to your lives. Which if I’m not mistaken are a sexually frustrated mother of two and bride to be who is scared she’ll end up like her morbidly obese mother after the first child  your fiancé is already planning you to have.”

The girls shared another look.

“The pills in front of you can erase every one of your fears and stresses. Of course they will change your life so drastically you’ll never be the same. But you’ll be deliriously content.”

“What do they do?”

I grinned devilishly. A little overkill but I knew I had these two on the hook.

“One will turn the taker into a bubbly bimbo. You’ll look like pure sexuality. Men won’t be able to resist. Although you’ll be so vapid and clueless with an IQ that will rival a house pet. Of course that will be part of what make you so deliriously content.”

The girls’ eyes widened in shock.

“The other will turn the taker into a gluttonous hog. You’ll be 3 times the woman you once were but never more than a big meal away from complete happiness.”

The girls’ eyes practically bugged out of their heads. Yet neither of them went for their clothes.
“Bimbo?” Pam stuttered.

“If you get the bimbo pill you’ll have the chest of a teenagers wet dream. You won’t be able to see you feet or jog ever again. You legs will be a mile long with curves in all the right places with a big juicy ass men can’t not smack and admire the jiggle. You’ll have lips that make even women think of blow jobs and bedroom eyes with lashes that will get tangled in your bangs.”

“Hog?” Blondie stammered.

“You’ll be so fat even your toes will have cellulite. But a decent cheeseburger will give you a better orgasm than 90 percent of the men you’ve ever slept with.”

The pair looked at each and then at the pills.

“Now take your ti-“

And just like that they ate them.

Blondie took the pink one. Pam swallowed the blue.

I got ready for the show.

Once blondie grew 6 inches I knew she got the bimbo pill. Her legs leaned up as the lengthened. There was a little jiggle left in her thighs, but now at the top there was a clear view of her plump pussy. Her ass stayed big. Got bigger even. She’d have a hard time fitting into chairs with arms. Her tummy trimmed up. There was still a little ridge of fat and a slight pooching, but it was barely noticeable once her flat chest blossomed. Plums, peaches, grapefruits, melons. Blondie grew tits that dwarfed her saggy breasted friend.  Her back would ache for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile her face and arms slimmed down while her eyes and lips grew. When it was over her eyes looked cartoonish and her lips were so plump I wondered if she’d be able to speak.

Lastly the stringy blonde hair poofed up into a billowing mane of sweetly smelling locks.

Pam gasped, both at the transformation of her once dumpy friend into an overfed sex goddess and the realization that’s she was going to...

It started in her face. Pam’s cheeks filled out and chins multiplied to hide her neck. A double, triple, quadruple chin. Her fat cheeks pushed her lips together into a pucker.

Her tits grew into wide flaps that wrapped under her arms into thick back rolls that stacked upon love handles the size of Christmas’s hams. Pam’s belly rounded and drooped. An upper belly bulged out and creased at the belly button where a lower belly hung into a thick flesh apron hiding thighs that plumped out with lumpy pockets of fat pressing against each other and forcing her into a wide stance. Her calves expanded into trunks capable of just barely holding up the massive load.

Drool formed as the oversized Pam stared at the food on the counter.

Of course the clothes hanging on the door were for their new selves.  

Blondie tugged on the bright pink mini dress that let half of that giant, jiggly ass hang out and revealed a mile of cleavage. The stripper heels made her walk in a way that bounced her tits hypnotically with each step.

Pam had a tent-like house dress that still hugged her globular belly and exposed her thick, beefy calves and massive, fatty upper arms. Comfortable slippers allowed her to get into them with attempting to bend over.

My work was done.

Blondie would go home and fuck her fiancé’s brains out. He’d forget all about ever wanting to start a family. Instead he’d show off his overdeveloped slut whenever he wasn’t tearing her clothes off. They’d be the most sexually adventurous couple around. To try and satiate blondie’s carnal appetite they’d throw swinger parties. With her extreme hourglass and porn star look blondie would be the center of attention. Which made her the happiest bimbo in the world. Having her new husband ram her fat ass while she blew one of his poker buddies and a curious wife played with her dangling breasts sent her into mind numbing orgasms.

Blondie never had to think again. She sat at home waiting for her husband to come home and shower her with gifts and attention. If she was bored she go out somewhere and flirt. She loved being a tease almost as much as she loved sex.

The laid back life style plumped blondie up a little. That soft ridge of belly fat became a full fledged roll, and her ass grew too big to avoid a slight dimpling of cellulite. No one seemed to mind when she was flat on her back.

Pam’s husband was more startled to see her knew form. He was shocked and disgusted, but also intrigued. The fact that his wife was now a compulsive eating sow that was too fat to fuck didn’t bother him near much as he thought. Truth was they hadn’t had satisfying sex for years. This new woman allowed him to be able to explore extramarital activities without fear of getting caught as long as he kept food in the cabinets. Pam would eat herself content as she stayed home with the kids. She barely acknowledge her husband. The late nights didn’t bother her. The calls from the petite assistant at work or the personal trainer from his gym were ignored as long as there was sweets to be stuffed her fat face.

As much as she ate Pam grew bigger quickly. Soon mobility was an issue. Her husband had no problem hiring in-home help. A cute nurse with a firm ass. Pam was oblivious as long as food was in reach. In fact food seem to make her happier the bigger she got. 500...600 and beyond. So big and content. Eventually her husband lost interest in slim sluts and took a more involved interest in his whale. Her lust for food and massive, soft form grow on him. Pam becomes even bigger as her man becomes a attentive feeder. Lost in her compulsion for food she’s nothing more than an eating machine, existing simply for the pleasure of eating to her capacity and beyond. It’s a happiness she never could have dreamed of when she was a frustrated mother with a disinterested husband.

Of course I can’t take much credit for their newfound happiness. I’m just doing my job. By the time Pam had gotten to this point I had moved on and helped hundreds of other women unleash their inner selves and achieve a better life
Two Pills
Just your average story of women transforming in to bimbos and fat gluttons. 


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I put up a couple new stories. These ones are a little specific since they were commisions that I did that have been finally okayed to put here. Hopefully they are at least a bit entertaining for everyone else.

Still filtering through ideas for my next project so we'll have to see what's next.
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